Welcome to the Arcadian Descent WikiEdit

A 2D indie Anime-RPG by ShockCaliber --for Windows, Linux, Mac and Dreamcast.

Genre Summary Edit

Arcadian Descent features a Japanese-style graphics system, but with an American-style quest system. The game makes heavy use of anime-graphics.

Lore Summary Edit

The game features a very dynamic lore of which is bent around the player's decisions.

Overall Summary Edit

Arcadian Descent is a 2d Anime-RPG developed and published by ShockCaliber. The game features a multitude of dynamic quest-lines for the player to experience, which warp around the player's decisions. The player plays as the protagonist, Solace, a demigod descended from the heavens to defeat the imminent Chaos, but little do they know that domestics are the things that will rip apart the land, far greater than any banished Chaos God.

Latest activityEdit

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