Before the 1st Era the Morta was inhabited by eight factions known as 'The Eighth Morti'. The two factions inhabiting the South East were allied by Marcus Fayden. Fayden's goal was for the two factions to one by one invade the other faction's territory and to force them to unit --to create a militaristic-formed union of all factions.

And so, one by one the factions were defeated by the Double Alliance. When all factions had been defeated, some by surrender, some by joining them in a poly-alliance and the rest defeated, Fayden now planned to geographical structure the land of which came to be known as Fayden.

He created five districts, two of which were jurisdictions and one of them being the capital jurisdiction, Gerder.

The districts are listed like so(from left to right on the map):

  • Irlington(Western jurisdiction)
  • Irlicht(Western)
  • Wirlington(Eastern)
  • Gerder(Capital and Eastern jurisdiction)
  • Newtown(Eastern)

This war created the first alliance system adopted in the Morta. Fayden was to bring hundreds of years of war but the occasional season of stability and unity, as opposed to before, were no factions communed with one another --geographical exclusivity.