Some of the stellars are identified as 'God's. Gods have no individual abilities, other than being the highest lifeforms in existence. Gods, like all other living things, die and become spirits one day.

There are several Gods:

  • Phenron- High-King of the Four Planes
  • Shayron- Princess married to Phenron
  • Fuedron- Son of Phenron and Shayron
  • Charlak- Daughter of Phenron and Shayron
  • Feldrik- Brother of Shayron
  • Khronos- Brother of Phenron and the Chaos God
  • Albertroski- Brother of Shayron
  • Fuimus- Brother of Shayron
  • Seysame- Wife of Fuimus
  • Fuwldrik- Son of Fuimus and Seysame

Only a few of the Gods are a part of the lore: Phenron, Khronos and Albertroski.

Phenron has always been a respectable figure amongst the stellars and many look up to him, not because of his great power, but because of his highly acclaimed status and nobility. Khronos, since the day his brother Phenron became King, has always envied, with great hate, his brother's powerful status. Albertroski has never approved of Phenron, as he always saw marrying royalty as the path to almost-certain trouble, also he suspected Khronos and saw him as a conspirator for the throne.

During the Origin, the High-King created the Orbus --a power orb-- to contain the collective power of the Gods, so that the power had to be commissioned, rather than be used on one's own accord. The orb would be kept under the safe-guard of the High-Kings appointed Guardian of the Realm(in this case, Albertroski). During the Pre-Era, Khronos conspired with Albertroski and tried to persuade him to give him custody of the orb, as he said he deserved it, as he was the High-King's only brother. After Albertroski refused to surrender custody of the orb, Khronos charged at Albertroski, knocking him to the floor. Khronos pulled out a blade at lunged for the floored Albertroski, Albertroski ducked, but dropped the orb. The orb rolled across the floor. Khronos lunged for it and retrieved it. Albertroski now eye-balled Khronos and told him to return it, or he would send him into the oblivion where he belongs. Khronos pulled out a tablet and snapped it creating a whirlpool beneath his feet, sucked Khronos in and the orb along with him. Khronos had successfully stolen the Orbus. Albertroski reported immediately to Phenron and told him of the incident --Phenron was furious. Phenron knew what Khronos would do with it and that's what he worried more than anything --his own brother. Khronos had taken the Orbus to the top of the Iredel-Tower, in which he placed the Orbus on a stone tablet and recited the enchantations on it. The tablet spoke of the ability to deposit power within the Orbus, but more importantly, to withdraw the power from the Orbus. Khronos began the process, but was suddenly interrupted by his brother, Phenron. Phenron swung his hammer for Khronos. Khronos ducked. Khronos took the orb and with great fury smashed it whilst reciting the last line of the tablet --the power of all the Gods was Khronos'. Phenron casted a seal upon Khronos freezing him and spoke the words of the Banishment-Scrolls and so Khronos was banished for eternity to the Banra. Now the Gods were powerless, as the power was that of the banished Khronos.