The Loranic Crisis is that of the crisis which took place during the 2nd Era, in which an outbreak of 'Blood-Mage'ism drained the blood of many of the Irlicht tavern foke during a regular micro-raid. On the third night, Irlington marched an army into Irlicht to drive the blood-mages out of Irlicht. The operation was successful. Once Irlicht was stable, the Irlington army mobilized into Wirlington and demanded to speak to the authority there --there was no reply. The Irlington Commander Loran gave the command to slaughter all Wirlington-mages upon sight, if they interfered with getting to the Wirlington-authority. Upon reaching the so-called 'leader' of the mages, Commander Loran pulled out a blade and stuck the mage-leader, Duradi Arcmen, in the chest.

Fayden had a council known as the 'Arcane Council' setup, to be the jurisdiction over magic and to write-up laws against, what was classed as, 'Dark-Magic'. The council consisted of Gender commissioned mages. The laws directly outlawed and prohibited practice of Blood-Magic and the like --Dark-Magics.